How To Connect Mailchimp & Canva to Create Email Campaigns

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First of all, why connect Mailchimp & Canva? 

Let’s cut right to the point here without some long story about my childhood (I’m looking at you, recipe bloggers). There might not be any delish dessert at the end of this post but there is one thing: a quicker, easier way to add graphics to your Mailchimp account  and connect Canva and Mailchimp that won’t clog your computer with endless downloads, and will save you tons of time. 

What is it? Canva’s Mailchimp integration.

It’s kind of buried down in there in Canva, but iykyk, and now, you’re gonna know. Let us walk through the process, shall we?

1) Create graphics for your email in Canva.

The first thing you’re going to want to do, is create the graphics you want to use in your Mailchimp campaign in Canva. Think big picture here, let’s plan out your email a bit. You’re going to want to have your logo, and underneath that, some kind of header graphic. If you’ve got an ecommerce shop, photos are even more important to showcase your items! 

Use one headline and perhaps a subheading, along with one or two images of your products, or the main topic of your newsletter or email. We’ll use our White Linen Email Template as an example here. We’ve got our header graphic created here in Canva:

Mailchimp canva integration
Email header graphic in Canva

Be sure to incorporate one strong call to action (CTA) in your header graphic, you’ll be able to link this to ONE page on your website once you get it into Mailchimp.

2) Connect Mailchimp & Canva with just a couple clicks

Once you’re loving your header graphic, you’ll want to ship it on over to Mailchimp so you can use it in your campaigns.

The old you would have downloaded the image from Canva whilst twiddling your thumbs, probably to your downloads folder where it would sit for 2930 weeks until your “hard drive full” warning could no longer be ignored (ask me how I know…). 

Then, you would have had to login to Mailchimp, visit your media library, and upload the image whilst twiddling your thumbs once again, and FINALLY you could add it to your campaign.

Now, you’re just going to head on over to the right hand “share” button in the upper left corner of Canva. Then, you’ll scroll down and click “more”. You’ll want to scroll down even more to “messaging” (why Canva considers Mailchimp messaging is beyond me) and click on our old friend Mr. Monkey:

3) Send Your Graphic from Canva to Mailchimp

If you’ve never logged into Mailchimp from Canva, you’ll be prompted to now, just for your first time connecting your accounts. After that, you’ll just have to click the Monkey to send your graphic straight to your Mailchimp image library!

Whew yes, NO freaking file ever has to touch your precious hard drive.

That’s it, you’ve integrated Mailchimp & Canva!

Now, whenever you go to create a new email graphic in Canva, you can instantly add it to your Mailchimp Image library and use it in a Mailchimp campaign and insert it like any other image. 

Can you send more than one graphic from Canva to Mailchimp?

Of course! You can create as many custom graphics as you want, and use them in different portions of your Mailchimp campaign.

If you have a long form newsletter with sections, products, or you want to just blast a one image email with a single call to action, you can do it all with this integration!

OK but, what if you don’t feel like setting up the Mailchimp portion of the email, either?

Then save even MORE time by grabbing one of our Canva & Mailchimp templates. You’ll get a direct link that includes the Mailchimp portion of the template done FOR you so you don’t have to even spend the time it takes to put that together. Seriously, it opens right up in Mailchimp. Like, what could be easier?
You can create a newslettercouponfreebie, or just grab a whole darn pack with 3 or 6 choices you can use over and over again. Never mind that quote from a graphic designer you got for $150/email. Girl, bye. You can totally do this yourself with our templates.
Customize to your brand colors and fonts and get sending along to Mailchimp. Done, done and done. 


Canva & Mailchimp integration gets to be easy.  

With 3 easy steps, you can save your time, sanity and hard drive space for more important things.

Rather watch it on video, and get a feel for our Canva & Mailchimp templates in action?

You can check out the video tutorial here:

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