iOS 14 Icons for Canva – Desert

Take advantage of the new iPhone update with this beautiful icon set for iOS 14! Edit the colors in Canva for free.
• 20 Icon Templates
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iOS 14 Icons for Canva – Desert

Take advantage of the new iPhone update with this beautiful iOS 14 Icons for Canva – Desert! The best part? You can easily edit the colors in Canva, a free design tool, to create the perfect aesthetic for you. Get tired of one color scheme? Change it up and edit them again as many times as you want!

🌟 Like them the way they are? Simply download them and use as is! A ZIP file with the PNG icons as is INCLUDED. 🌟

These iOS 14 Icons for Canva in Desert don’t use the typical icons, they’re each a unique piece of art, and you can use them for any app you’d like!

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► Canva template with (20) 1080 x 1080 Templates
► ZIP file with all 20 PNG Icons – colors as-is, in case you don’t want to edit them or just want to edit the text ones.
► Help guide and step by step (with screenshots!) instructions on how to upload the icons to your phone.
► Basic Canva help guide showing how to open template and edit text/colors.
► Bonus FREE Resources


You will receive a link to your Canva templates instantly upon purchase.

This template is compatible with Canva. You will need basic knowledge of Canva to use this template. You will need to edit this template on your computer, or your phone. Instructions to sign up for a FREE Canva account included!

► Click the link to your Canva templates
► Have fun editing! Consult your help sheet or email me if you get stuck at
► Upload your icons to your phone and decorate!

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a FREE Canva account to open and edit the templates on your computer or in the Canva App on your phone. Editing may be easier on a computer!!


• Thirty One Palms Studio’s sale of templates is not affiliated with Canva in any official way. Canva makes no promises regarding third-party templates, and Canva shall not be liable for anything arising from the creation (or purchase) of a third-party template.

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