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Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. You’ve heard that one before right? This planner for Instagram is the answer!
• 15 Page Letter and A4 printable PDFs
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Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. You’ve heard that one before right? Don’t let it be you girl, with your Instagram. This planner is the answer! It can be tough to do everything on the fly, on your phone or let’s face it, sometimes not at all. 🙁 Some of us like old fashioned paper to write things down. With this printable Monthly Instagram Planner, you can do just that.

I created this planner based on years of working with clients, helping them with their social media marketing both freelance and as part of an agency. This planner puts everything you need for monthly growth on Instagram into a beautifully laid out, easy to follow printable planner based on actual planners used with clients!

Please note, this planner doesn’t guarantee increased followers or income, it is a tool to be utilized and not a magic bullet.

If you’ve ever wondered what you even NEED to be thinking about to make the best plan for yourself, here is your answer and a fun way to kick
your brain into high gear.


► You own a small business such as an Etsy shop, blog, eCommerce business, real estate business, hair salon, fitness and wellness coaching business etc, and you use Instagram to market it.
► You always forget to post, and when you do, its last minute and thrown together and doesn’t fit into a bigger strategy.
► You don’t know WHAT to post because you never find you are organized enough to give it the thought it deserves.
► You don’t track your following or other metrics and set goals for yourself.
► You forget to or are afraid to reach out and form partnerships with others.
► You want to treat your IG like a serious part of your business, and get organized with it, track progress, observe trends of what succeeds and develop a strategy!


► 15+ pages tailored to help you grow your account and stay organized
► Letter and A4 printable PDFs with space for hole punching.
► Beginning of the month analysis
► Pages for you to write out daily captions, think about images, and write out hashtag ideas
► Pages for you to write out daily story ideas
► Reminders to check DMs, reply to comments and engage
► Reminders to save stories to highlight sections
► A section on curating monthly partnerships with other users and brands, don’t forget to reach out!
► A section to brainstorm monthly promos, holidays and sales.
► A section on brand aesthetics, check in with yourself to ensure your feed is consistent, on brand, and you have plenty of photos and content.
► An end of the month recap to assess your progress and any costs associated with running your account
► Pages to write down your goals for next month!

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PLEASE NOTE: Every printer is different and we can’t promise colors will look exactly as depicted here on your page.


• By purchasing the planner, you agree that this planner is for your own brand and you don’t have the right to resell it.

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