Webinar & Slide Deck for Canva – Desert Blue

Create a, webinar, ecourse, or presentation that’s totally unique and different from all the other templates out there.
• 50 Slide Templates
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Webinar & Slide Deck for Canva – Desert Blue

This modern, creative webinar and slide deck template set for Canva features our boho Desert Blue theme, with handwritten text and modern accents. Create a, webinar, ecourse, or presentation that’s totally unique and different from all the other templates out there, while still giving your audience all of the important info you need to share, in a smooth, easy to follow manner.

Include info slides, charts and graphs, bonuses and resources, and encourage viewers to sign up for other programs you may have and ask questions.

Edit in minutes by adding your own gorgeous photography and using your brand colors.

These templates require Canva basic knowledge.


► Canva link with 50 1920x1080px templates. Mix, match, copy and delete as needed. ( just add your own text and photos!)


• 3 Cover Slides

• 4 About Pages

• 2 Course Outline Slides

• 3 Module Title Slides

• 8 Content Slide Layouts

• 3 Call to Action Slides

• 4 Freebie Slides

• 9 Charts & Graphs

• 3 Resource Slides

• 3 Quote Slides

• 2 Testimonial Slides

• 5 Bonus/Sales Slides

• 1 Thank You Page

► Instructions for basic Canva use.

► Bonus FREE Resources!

► Fonts and images are free for commercial use (or add your own!) White Linen photo collection link we used in this template INCLUDED for you to download!


You will receive a link to your Canva templates instantly upon purchase.

This template is compatible with Canva. You will need basic knowledge of Canva to use this template. You will need to edit this template on your computer, or your phone. You can sign up for a FREE Canva account, link included with files!

► Click the link to your Canva templates

► Have fun editing! Consult your help sheet or email me if you get stuck at tamara@31palms.com

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a FREE Canva account to open and edit the templates on your computer or in the Canva App on your phone. Editing may be easier on a computer!!


• Thirty One Palms Studio’s sale of templates is not affiliated with Canva in any official way. Canva makes no promises regarding third-party templates, and Canva shall not be liable for anything arising from the creation (or purchase) of a third-party template.

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