Social Media Post Kit

What if you could

transform your Instagram feed
in minutes for Just $7?

Create an amazing cohesive feed that resonates with your audience, stops the scroll and builds instant trust so you can make more sales.
Create an amazing cohesive feed that resonates with your audience, stops the scroll and
builds instant trust so you can make more sales.


You're So Tired Of...


Wish You Could Just...

If This Sounds Familiar...

and all you want are done-for-you templates that aren’t the same boring, low quality 3040 post for ten cents everyone else has and actually save you time while being easy to edit and help you stand out

Then This Is For You.

SO HOW CAN THESE TEMPlates help you?

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Our Cohesive Brand Cheat Sheet

Learn which brand kit to start with that most closely matches your vibe and resonates with your audience.

60 Professional Social Media Templates in 4 Cohesive Sets

Transform your feed from disorganized and bland to a personality packed gorgeous sales tool.

Our 18 Pro Tips for Canva Guide

Shorten the Canva learning curve and create in record time with 18 easy to implement pro tips.

Hi, I'm Tamara

I've helped over 10,000 people create a gorgeous, unique and cohesive brand using templates.

In the first year of launching my template biz Thirty One Palms Studio (during a pandemic) I helped over 2700 business owners create a cohesive brand with template collections on Etsy, Creative Market, and my own website. 

Since that year, I’ve helped thousands more people build the brand of their dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You don’t need any established branding to start off, the templates come in collections, and our cheat sheet will help you choose the perfect one in seconds.

Absolutely. You can customize the templates to your existing branding, and reassess your messaging.

We include a video to show you how to customize ANY template for ANY brand.

You’ll also learn Canva tips you didn’t know to speed your workflow!

Yes! You can edit all colors, photos, text and fonts. Our templates use fonts and elements included in the free version of Canva, so there is no need to pay for a Pro account unless you want to.

Yes, the photos are sourced from Unsplash or Canva, and are free for you to use.

Our templates come in sets, meaning you can develop your entire brand based upon a set of templates, and keep everything cohesive! (SO important to keep things professional). 

Canva’s free templates do not, making it harder to create an identity for your branding. You’re overwhelmed with choices!

Also, with semi custom templates, you’re less likely to have the same, blasé branding as everyone else. Cuz ain’t no one want to be boring around here. 

Yes, there is a 7 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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